Saturday, July 18, 2015

Worry Not

Worry Not
You can worry about tomorrow and by so doing lose today forever.
Or you can work for tomorrow and as a result you’ll keep the value of today with you always.
You can worry about what others think of you, and by so doing lose their respect.
Or you can work in the service of your highest and best vision 
and others will beg to follow in your footsteps.
You can worry about making a living and
by so doing have no time left in which to live.
Or you can work to create real,
lasting value and experience fulfillment in every moment.
You can worry and be afraid,and by so doing you’ll give power and substance to your fears.
Or you can choose to be bold and live
each moment in freedom and fulfillment.
Whatever you’re worried about,
your worry will get you nowhere.
When you feel the urge to worry about life, use that energy instead to live it fully,
and reap its many magnificent rewards.
No matter how dark the situation, 
Let me always hold on to the steady
light of hope.